The Green Future

OFL is deeply committed to being on the forefront of our most pressing environmental issues. We also believe that in considering our environment we can save a substantial amount of money at the same time. It’s a win/win situation.

As part of our commitment to the environment we are happy to introduce some of our Green programs to help push Ottawa into a brighter greener future. We look forward to bringing the 3R’s into the office world in ways yet to be conceived.

Preventing waste not only clears a better way for our future generations, it creates a positive public image, harbours a healthier working environment, and above all else it saves money. Money which can in turn be used towards future growth and new programs, it’s a good thing.


At OFL we are committed to recycling and reusing all the raw materials we can from the products we sell in our retail store. We are committed to reducing our footprint in this world to make it a better place for all the people coming after us.

We encourage you to call us with your questions and comments on our products and if you have an office desk or computer workstation that is going to be sold or given away, think about calling us first so we can breathe a new life into it for someone else in the area. We have a fleet of trucks that travels the city picking up gently used office furniture and bringing it back to our store located at 383 Catherine Street in Ottawa. Our pickup rates are reasonable and it declutters your home to allow your to redecorate in the latest trends .

Your wife or husband will be happy you called us first as we offer prompt removal at great rates for homes and office suites . Our courteous sales and delivery staff would be happy to answer all your questions on the pickup and removal of all office related items.

Family owned and operated for over 25 years in the National Capital Region!


Since 1928, Nightingale has provided the world with inventive seating solutions. While much has changed over the past 80 years in the design and function of seating, their commitment to comfort, quality and innovation has always remained a constant. Many of their current seating products are patented or design registered, and clearly demonstrate their commitment to the future of office seating. View their available products.


IOF offers a flexible, quality driven product line that’s SCS certified. Tremendous value on a diverse offering and all backed up with an industry leading customer service team and a lifetime warranty. View their available products.

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At OFL, we have a standing offer with the Federal Government for various brands office chairs, and are very well acquainted with the procedures involved. Our fully trained staff can assist you in the selection, purchase, delivery and set up. Contact us for more details.

O.F.L. proudly carries top quality Canadian products to furnish your office interiors. We are an authorized dealer for Nightingale , IOF, Global, and other top manufacturers and our emphasis is providing our customer with the best selection. We are committed to realistic pricing in our store and offer products that give good value in quality features and materials but still allow an individual or new startup company to stay on track and on budget. Whether it be your first university desk and chair set from our quality “gently used” reconditioned section in our store to a custom IOF desk made in Canada to meet your dimensions and finish requirements, we are here to guide you on your journey.

First purchase at our store or a seasoned shopper that has dealt with us for years we will strive to make the experience count!

Customer Service -during and after the sale is our goal!

What should you focus on when selecting office furniture?

Having made the initial budget assessment, you may start looking for a suitable purchase. We suggest that you focus your attention on:

  • Furniture with an adjustability range that can fit all prospective users. Some chairs have interchangeable cylinders to accommodate very tall or short people.
  • A fully adjustable chair with height-adjustable armrests.
  • An adjustable desk is preferable.
  • A footrest is highly recommended if you decide on a non-adjustable desk.
  • Accessories, such as a copyholder, mouse, task lamps, etc. (discuss these with staff and get their feedback as personal preferences are very important).
  • Need to reach the CPU (e.g., use of memory sticks, DVDs, CD-ROMs, etc.)

As always, our fully trained staff can assist you in choosing the furniture pieces that are right for you.